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Please complete the following form to register online for Iowa DIY 2017. You will be taken to a success message once complete,  and receive a confirmation email. Details about uploading demo selections will follow at a later date.

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Current attendees:

First Name Last Name   Presenting Design Name
Rich Stessman     No  
Chris Roemer     Yes Usher tweet in a waveguide + Vifa NE225
Juan Montoya     No  
Greg Ruminer     No  
Jason Petrasko     Yes TBD
Maynard Goff     Yes Last Hurrah
Craig Salin     Yes The Industrials
Tom Scoville     Yes The UNC’s
Brad Smith     Yes Eclipse
Scott Sehlin     Yes Matrix Revolution
Kenneth Kennelty     Yes Homegrown Coax
Bill Schwefel     Yes Classic Large Advent Loudspeaker
Ed Perkins     Yes TBD
Mitch Oyler     No  
Chris Bryant     Yes Skyland’s
Shawn Kipka     Yes The Woodies
Ron Erickson     Yes PLT’s
Jacob Parsons     Yes Millennium/w16 SEAS
Marty Hafenbreadl   Yes The Gambits
Curt  Campbell     Yes Invictus Maximus 
Thomas Hembry     Yes TBD
Bob Masek     No  
Lowell Simpson     Yes Blue flutes
Ani Mandal     Yes TBD
Jim Holtz     Yes Bordeaux
Johnny Richards     Yes TBD
Bryan Keane     Yes Markie